Adventure Episodes #32 - Selling the Pajero

It's a sad period of our travels. The end of an era. As Blur said in their song 'End of a Century':

'She says there's ants in the carpet, dirty little monsters, eating all the morsels, picking up the rubbish,'

Not sure of the relevance there. Good song though.

The Pajero has been a good friend of ours, as ridiculous as that sounds. It has been a symbol of safety, an enabler of adventure, a silent travel companion, a cause for concern. It's sheltered us during storms, protected us from the elements, allowed us to go places we never could have gone. It's helped us make friends, it's been small enough that we could shrug our shoulders at weird looking hitch hikers without feeling guilty, but big enough to pack our ever-increasing mountains of 'stuff'.

When we first arrived in Australia over a year ago, I don't think either of us were thinking much farther ahead than the following few months, and we never thought we'd have bought a car and picked bloody fruit all over, but here we are.

Selling the car is a symbolic thing as well as a financial thing. It represents all of the enjoyment we've had, when the weather has been great and we're in high spirits and we're positive and full of life and we wouldn't rather be anywhere else in the world. It represents all of the pain we've had... and I don't mean true pain. I don't mean 'losing a loved one' pain or 'living in poverty in India' pain, I mean relative pain. Pain we all experience, be it a 3 year old breaking their favourite toy or just having a bad day at work. Pain when we're running low on money with no incoming pay cheque in sight. Pain when it's pouring with rain and we're cold and tired and a little bit sick of sleeping on the floor.

It represents the possibility for adventure. Let's just get in the car, drive to the coast, and see what's there. Sometimes you get there and it's absolutely nothing (I'm looking at you, Glen Davis), but we went there nonetheless.

They say adventure isn't about the goal, but about the journey, and this adventure couldn't have been achieved without a vehicle for the journey.

We couldn't have asked for a better roadtrip companion, Pajero. We'll always remember you and we're thankful to have had you with us.

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